Thursday, September 6, 2012

Japan Super Food ~ Sushi

Hi, Everyone! Miss u all!
Wanna share my favorite Japanese food all the time.
I've fallen in Love with it since elementary school, i thought.
Someday, my mom bought me a set of really weird food... Then tell me, that's japanese food. HAHAHAHA!
The thing i didn't like (until now) it's WASABI!
For outside, the looks really like avocado, but the silly me just ate it D:
My goshhh!!! It taste like HELL!!!
I drank 2 little mineral water that day =____________= Skip from the past!

A couple days ago, I barely visited the most famous sushi restaurant in (every) town.
That is Sushi Tei.
Very very famous in my country.
I almost ate in there just when i'm gone to Jakarta.
Tangerang is so lame, such a pity.
But, a months ago Sushi Tei just opened their store in Tangerang.
What a heavennnn!!!

As soon as possible, I really wanna eat sushi again!
I went there almost every week. HAHAHA!
This is the usual menu that me & my friend ordered:
Aburi Salmon Belly (2 set @IDR 17.000) My must-have.
Half-broiled salmon belly sushi. Superb!

Crispy Cheese Roll - IDR 20.000
So Cheap! Love the cheese!

Salmon Mentai Canape - IDR (forget -___-a)

Salmon Mentai (2 set@ IDR 24.000).
My friend's favorite all the time. Recommended!

Chocolate Wafer - IDR 28.000. Recommended.
The vanilla ice cream + chocolate = LOVE!

Hungry enough?
I AM! 
Try to visit Sushi Tei in your town. There's plenty of food that really interesting!
I will post more various food from another sushi restaurant soon.
Just waiting, OK?

My Review
Price Rating: $$
Taste: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 7/10 (Nice! Fast enough)

That's all folks ^____^
Sayōnara! Mata o ai shimashou!

Note: 100% my opinion. All photos taken by me.


  1. mwahh, it looks so yummy! omg my stomach is making noises now *n*

    1. Sorry for late reply. Thank you ^____^
      Me too... Hungry when wrote this XD