Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eyeliner & Mascara Waterproof Rating!

Hello again everyone! Long time no blogging (again).
7th semester already begun a few weeks ago and kinda busy here.
Today, I'm gonna post about beauty! Yay! Finally, after all post about food LOL
Every woman always wondering about what is the best eyeliner & mascara.
Of course, Eyeliner and mascara is must-have weapon in beauty :p
Alright this is the review (see the picture)

from JELLY 07.2012
(sorry, for bad picture)

Honestly, I can't read all the Japanese here. Just some of them.
Ok, this is the simple explanation.
I think it's a waterproof test because the magazine is about summer.
Highly recommended for people who wanna go to beach/water places :p

Eyeliner (from Right to Left)
01. MSH Loveliner Liquid in Black ★★★★
02. Kanebo KATE Super Sharp Liner Liquid BK-01 ★★★★
03. Kanebo COFFRET D'Or Black Keep Liner WP ★★★★
04. MAYBELLINE Hyper Sharp Liner ★★★★
05.Kose FASIO Smooth Liquid Eyeliner BK-001 ★★
06. ANNA SUI Liquid Eyeliner ★★★★

Mascara(from Right to Left)
01. MAYBELLINE Volume Magnum Express 01 ★★★★
02. PAUL & JOE Lash Mascara in True Black 01 ★★ 
03. LAURA MERCIER Waterproof Mascara ★★★★
04. Shiseido MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash King Mascara ★★★★
05. Kose FASIO Curl Lock Mascara in Black ★★★★
06. ANNA SUI Perfect Mascara in Rich Black 001 ★★

Sorry can't give the detail description but this is the overall rating.
Hope, You will satisfy with my post about this post and can help you to decide.
Have a question about my post? Please don't hesitate ask me.
I really wanna help and share with you ^___^

Sayōnara! Mata o ai shimashou!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Japan Super Food ~ Sushi

Hi, Everyone! Miss u all!
Wanna share my favorite Japanese food all the time.
I've fallen in Love with it since elementary school, i thought.
Someday, my mom bought me a set of really weird food... Then tell me, that's japanese food. HAHAHAHA!
The thing i didn't like (until now) it's WASABI!
For outside, the looks really like avocado, but the silly me just ate it D:
My goshhh!!! It taste like HELL!!!
I drank 2 little mineral water that day =____________= Skip from the past!

A couple days ago, I barely visited the most famous sushi restaurant in (every) town.
That is Sushi Tei.
Very very famous in my country.
I almost ate in there just when i'm gone to Jakarta.
Tangerang is so lame, such a pity.
But, a months ago Sushi Tei just opened their store in Tangerang.
What a heavennnn!!!

As soon as possible, I really wanna eat sushi again!
I went there almost every week. HAHAHA!
This is the usual menu that me & my friend ordered:
Aburi Salmon Belly (2 set @IDR 17.000) My must-have.
Half-broiled salmon belly sushi. Superb!

Crispy Cheese Roll - IDR 20.000
So Cheap! Love the cheese!

Salmon Mentai Canape - IDR (forget -___-a)

Salmon Mentai (2 set@ IDR 24.000).
My friend's favorite all the time. Recommended!

Chocolate Wafer - IDR 28.000. Recommended.
The vanilla ice cream + chocolate = LOVE!

Hungry enough?
I AM! 
Try to visit Sushi Tei in your town. There's plenty of food that really interesting!
I will post more various food from another sushi restaurant soon.
Just waiting, OK?

My Review
Price Rating: $$
Taste: 8/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 7/10 (Nice! Fast enough)

That's all folks ^____^
Sayōnara! Mata o ai shimashou!

Note: 100% my opinion. All photos taken by me.